Research groups

Aula Ciutat

IIDL - Aula Ciutat

Aula Ciutat was created in 2011 under an agreement signed by the deans of the Universitat de València and Universitat Politècnica de València. It is a joint platform of IIDL and the School of Architecture to reflect and discuss the past, present, and future of cities and, in particular, of Valencia. It is an open space, with no personal or thematic exclusions, which houses a spirit of collaboration and opposes any kind of disciplinary categorization of the city.

Sustainable Local Development

IIDL - Desarrollo Local Sostenible

The Research Group Sustainable Territorial Development applies its attention to the study of land management at local or regional level, including planning of territorial development, public policy analysis, regional and European development policies, and the regional geography policies. The Group is attached to the Inter-University Institute for Local Development (IIDL) of the Universitat de València-Universitat Jaume I and its coordinator is Dr. Joaquin Farinós Dasi.

GEDEA (Group of Water Economy)


GEDEA’s reasearch activity focuses on the development of mathematical models for the optimization of sewage water treatment technologies; analysis of efficiency in water resources management; economic and environmental viability studies for reuse projects; and design of indicators of economic, social, and environmental feasibility associated with proposals of a technological nature. The Group is attached to the Inter-University Institute for Local Development (IIDL) of the Universitat de València – Universitat Jaume I and the lead researcher is Dr. Francesc Hernández Sancho.




The Laboratory of Geographic and Environmental Applications GeoLAB is the result of the collaboration between the Universitat de València, through the Inter-University Institute for Local Dvelopment (LOCSUS investigation group), and Geolnnova Association, a non-profit organization formed by professionals in the region for the provision of cooperative services.  

Its areas of work are: 

1. Training in GIS. 

2. Development of research projects on knowledge transfer within the thematic areas: 

- Planning, Management and Territorial Development 

- Environmental Studies and Projects 

- Cartographic Studies and Projects 

- Geomarketing 

- Development of applications and studies based on Geographic Information Technologies 

- Tourism Studies 

3. Communication, dissemination, and publication of research results.



The Group for Social Studies, Intervention and Innovation – GESinn – is comprised of teaching and research staff with broad and extensive professional experience, linked to the current academic world, whose main object can be found in areas such as Community Social Services; Childhood, Adolescence and Youth; Women, Violence and Gender Studies; International Cooperation; Co-development and Community Intervention in rural areas; Action in the Socio-sanitary Field; Poverty, Criminality and Exclusion; and Globalization and Urban Studies; always transversely considering the gender perspective in any action.

GESinn is attached to the IIDL. It was born with transversal vocation and the experience of investigating and investing in the social reality from a critical and constructive point of view can be found among its main values. This Research Group has rotating coordination and IP, in accordance with the horizontality of its members in the collective commitment.

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Local Government

IIDL - Govern Local

With the aim of promoting innovation in management processes and local government, the research activity of the group is oriented to the analysis and study of the structure of local public administration, local government management, and citizen participation. The Group of Local Government Research is attached to the Inter-University Institute for Local Development at the Universitat de València and its lead researcher is Dr. Joaquín Martín Cubas.



The Research Group in Territorial Development of the Universitat de Valencia (GRIDET), born in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology of the Faculty of Social Sciences, proposes an approach to the local development phenomenon from a multidimensional point of view, by grouping together the academic aspect (from the participation of teaching staff of the abovementioned department and the Institute for Local Development – IIDL-) and the professional aspect (from the participation of Employment and Local Development Technicians and Agents – AEDL – who come from ADLYPSE – Association of Technicians in Local Development of the Valencian Community).

With this triangular view of reality, GRIDET does not consider development as an open possibility, but as a territory’s need, and action must be taken as such. So much so that the conception of the territory-population binomial as a whole (comprehensive view), which requires each and every of the present resources (integrated view), and which intends to obtain synergistic effects among its purposes (integrating view), encompasses the main characterisctic features of the work carried out by this group.



Research activities of the R+D Group of Innovation and Local Development (INNODES), which belongs to the Inter-University Institute for Local Development (IIDL), focus on aspects of geography, spatial planning, and regional development. Particularly in the analysis of urban systems, industrial innovation processes, and public utility planning services. Its lead researcher is Julia Salom Carrasco




LOCSUS is a research group born within the Universitat de València, specifically in the Inter-University Institute for Local Development (IIDL). The object of our research focuses, from a multidisciplinary perspective, on the analysis of the different elements involved in the sustainable development of territories and societies.

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IIDL - Recartografías

Recartografías es un grupo de investigación-acción sobre conflictos territoriales y propuestas alternativas de planificación y gestión alternativa del territorio integrada por miembros del IIDL de diversas especialidades y jóvenes investigadores de la UV. Sus principales líneas de investigación son: 

- Ecología política 

- Prácticas alternativas ambientales, territoriales y urbanas

- Estudio de procesos de abandono rural

- Conflictos territoriales

Como proyecto de acción territorial, Recartografías está desarrollando un proyecto de ecoaldea en el municipio turolense de San Agustín, en el que organiza actividades ligadas con las líneas de investigación anteriormente descritas.



SESECO Research Group focuses its research on the analysis of social problems and the planning of services for the Community, in order to offer solutions and alternatives that contribute to improve population welfare. The group comprises an excellent group of researchers led by Dr. José Vicente Pérez Cosín and it is attached to the Inter-University Institute for Local Development (IIDL) of the Universitat de València and the Universitat Jaume I.



UDERVAL Research Group focuses its research on local and regional development, primarily in rural areas, especially on the processes of socio-economic transformation, the role of new activities, social capital, and the actors in land management, as well as policies of rural development.

The group also works on local socio-productive systems in rural areas, research completed by the analysis of the relationships between social capital and territorial development, and specifically on the role of social networks, leadership and elites, and power structures in the socio-economic dynamics of rural areas. UNDERVAL is part of the Inter-University Institute for Local Development (IIDL) of the Univesitat de València and the Universitat Jaume I. The group is led by Dr. Javier Pérez Esparza.