Diploma on Integration Policies, Counsel and Provision of Services to Immigrants (7th Edition)

General information:

Duration of the course: From March 2015 to November 2015.
Organizes: Inter-University Institute for Local Development. Office in València.
Director: Rafael Aliena Miralles.
Teaching Method: Online
Duration: 24 ECTS
Sponsored by:
- Colegio Oficial Diplomados Trabajo Social (Professional Association)
- Cruz Roja Española Comunidad Valenciana (NGO)
- Generalitat Valenciana (Regional Government)


General objectives:

This diploma, which is part of the Master's Degree on Public Policy Integration in Valencia, aims to provide multidisciplinary training in various areas of policy management, technical, administrative, and social aspects of the immigration phenomenon. The training for this diploma qualifies the professional to perform jobs in governments and third sector organizations that work with immigrants. Through the diploma, the student is trained in the areas of policy management, technical and administrative, and social aspects of the phenomenon of immigration, so that with this additional knowledge they can develop their analysis and synthesis skills, and their competency to issue political and professional judgements can grow.


Aimed at:

- Professionals, technicians and managers working on the immigration field who want to improve their understanding of this phenomena and seek a space for reflection and contact with theory and literature experts.
- Those who, even without experience in the sector, wish to enter it either as professionals or as volunteers.
- Managers, technicians and volunteers from immigrants associations and immigrant rights organizations in Spain.
- Managers of migration processes in the countries of origin.


Admission criteria:

- Holders of University degrees (bachelor, engineers or technical architects, or graduates).
- Quasi-graduates, students with pending approval of at most 30 ECTS or, when appropriate, the development of the End of Grade Project.
- People who even without a university degree have certified experience in the field of immigration.
- Foreign students will not have to officially validate their title, it will be enough with the director's authorization after checking that this degree is equivalent to the Spanish training.


Preregistration and enrolment:


Registration fee: 560€



Tel: (+34) 605 851 519


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