Master's Degree in Management and Promotion of Local Development

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General information:

Duration: 60 ECTS. One academic year.
Coordinating University: Universitat Jaume I de Castelló (UJI)
Participating Universities: Universitat de València-Estudi General (UVEG), Universitat Jaume I de Castelló (UJI)
Organizes: Inter-University Institute of Local Developement (IIDL)
Coordinators: UVEG Dr. Joan Noguera Tur,. UJI: Dr. Joan Serafí Bernat and Dr. Luisa Alamá.
Colaborating: Servicio Valenciano de Empleo y Formación (SERVEF), Generalitat Valenciana
Methodology: The Master's Degree will be classroom-based with support from TICCS (Information, Communication, and Knowledge Technologies). Lectures will be supplemented with case studies. The course can be taken full or part-time (two consecutive years: 2/3 of the Master's during the first year and 1/3 during the following acadamic year).
Students will be able to complete their training attending intensive seminars organised by the Master's directors outside of classroom sessions throughout the academic year.
Number of places offered: 35 at the Universitat de València.
More information: Tel. 96 162 54 14



At present, processes of socio-economic and environmental transformation are occurring at local level with broad impact on key issues such as employement and/or business dynamics. Local development is becoming a preferred area of intervention with the goal of greater effectiveness of public policies, and actions to manage and control such processes with a broad impact on the quality of life of the population. The objective of the Master's Degree in Management and Promotion of Local Development is to train professionals ready to design and implement that kind of socio-economic strategies with guarantees.


Who it is for?

Graduates in any discipline of the social sciences, humanities and, where appropriate, other similar disciplines or those which could make a significant contribution to local development, economic and employment promotion and, in general, sustainable development of the different territories.



Train professionals able to become an strategic resource for the socio-economic development at the local level (Agents of Employment and Local Development).

Provide extensive training on concepts, tools and skills to enable effective management of change porocesses, as well as the design and implementation of strategies of economic development, with particular attention to labour and business areas.



- Organization, Social Economy, and Economic Development (UVEG and UJI): the contents of this field refers to strategic direction and business management, social economy, regional development, financial management, etc.

- Cooperation, Public Governance, and Local Development (UVEG): in this speciality are discussed such topics as development cooperation in Spain and abroad, immigration, administrative law, and types of management in public administration.

Studies of this Master's Degree are included in the PhD training program for those students undertaking the research itinerary. Thus, the Master's Degree of Management and Promotion of Local Development gives access to the Doctoral Programme in Local Development and Territory.

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Admission criteria

Thematic affinity of the candidate's previous training.
Academic Record
Being a working professional in local development, or be linked to local government.


Preregistration and enrolment

For preregistration at Univeristat de València Estudi-General: the relevant information can be found at the following links:
Postgraduate Service UVEG
Tel. +34 963 983 229
Registration fee: the established standard by UVEG and UJI.



Additional information

Master's Degree in Management and Promotion of Local Development Curriculum