2017-09-06L'IIDL llança el tercer número de la revista TERRA. Revista de Desenvolupament Local

Noticias IIDL

The Interuniversity Institute for Local Development launches the third issue of the magazine TERRA, Local Development Magazine. This volume is composed of seven articles, among which is the IIDL member Joaquín Martín Cubas, in collaboration with three other authors, among whom is the electoral behavior in the local elections of 2015 in the metropolitan area of ​​Valencia.


TERRA is a biannual publication, an initiative of the section of the Universitat de València of the Interuniversity Institute of Local Development, which reflects the academic reflection and political practice that is taking place in this field of study and work. Given the very nature of local development, understood in its broadest sense, TERRA has a multidisciplinary character in which the environmental, social, cultural, institutional, economic and political dimension of development, understood as a process that has to be rooted territorially. Thus, contributions from architecture, urban planning, land management, sociology, social work, economics, geography, law, regional science, heritage study, political science or environmental sciences are welcome.

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