2018-03-08IX Conference on Local Development of the Valencian Community

Noticias IIDL

No project for the development of a territory makes sense if it is not born from a defined planning around the needs of the territory and its population. More than 30 years after the implementation of a new model for the development of the territory, it is necessary to propose a reflection on the capacities that the different territories have had, have or can have to plan actions that we can consider as innovative (novelty such time).

That is why we propose a day capable of reflecting, but also that allows us to make visible experiences of interest and generate a debate to share tools that may be useful to us.

In this 9th edition of our conference, we ask for your contributions on the following lines of work:

1. Reflections on the change of model that we face: the Valencian Employment Law

2. Experiences of innovation of territorial networks (business, social, socio-institutional, industry 4.0, etc.)

3. Models of integral and sustainable urban development (edus, Smart citys, ...)

4. Experiences of retention and promotion of territorial capital

5. Methodologies and instruments for participation

6. Experiences of European projects of territorial innovation

7. Digitization initiatives in the 21st century labor market

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